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AIRE Strings is an original group of pristine stringed instruments and string players captured in multiple ways with the intention of giving the Reason user ultimate control. Both solo and ensemble are included on top of many articulations.

Bringing together the latest rack extension technology with the universally acclaimed sound and ideas by Softphonics that are specific to reason.


While AIRE Strings comes with plenty of patches and combinators too, making your own unique sounds couldn't be easier using the multi browser system. The first one selects your instrument and the second selects your articulation choice, The instrument can then purge what you are not using to keep everything working as fast as possible and not slow down your computer, and just to be sure we also added a DSP/CPU knob for adjusting the quality, specific to the power of your machine or size of your song. These features will ensure that AIRE strings will be a top performer all the time.

For those who like to create specific sound, AIRE strings packs a number of extra tools and effects on the interface.


- Transient Shaper

- Stereo Width

- Master Filter

- Tremolo

- Delay

- Chorus

- Reverb

- Equalizer

- Compressor



AIRE instruments are Rack extensions built specifically for reason that do not have to 'lighten the sample load' or 'produce smaller versions of the product' like other developers have had to do in the past due to several things that are implemented into the instrument. To read more about this please check out the AIRE manual.pdf on this page.


Under the hood of AIRE strings is 11GB of 24-bit samples recorded at 48 kHz, in various locations. The actual download size of the Rack extension is a little under 5GB.

For those that need strings in their rack, look no further, AIRE instruments are here and specially designed for Reason musicians.

AIRE instrument owners will be also treated to free Refills by Softphonics to add to the Rack Extensions as time goes by.