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With the majority of Andrews listeners and fans living outside of Ireland, mainly concentrated in the United States / Australia and central Europe, Andrew  stays under the radar, living in his home town of Dublin Ireland.

As some people already know, Andrew releases music under a multitude of monikers / alter egos.

As Andrew's music ranges from soft ballads ,orchestarl piano to dubstep or club music. It was easier to create different names for these acts to separate the genres over the years!

Andrew is a multi-instrumentalist musician turned record producer. Also doing radio broadcating in several countries around the globe. Born in Dublin Ireland, Andrew is from an extremely poor and dysfunctional family. Music became my saviour over the years and it came very naturally. When asked about his multi - personality music personas -

"It keeps things simple yet complicated as I have so many names, it seperated my moods and my writing genres".

Andrew also works with artists from all over the world. He is saught out to Play / Write & Produce albums and singles for a wide variety of music acts. Which he does from his studio in his Dublin home.

Andrew's own works has been at number 1 in nine different charts at various times. And once held number 1 in four different Irish charts at the same time in 2011. Andrew works with several record labels with interests in various genres of music.

Apart from Andrews comercial music career, Andrew is currently involved with writing and recording music for Irish Film / Tv and even advertising. And is also ghost writing and producing for a number of young international acts. And occasionally remixes peoples work for fresh perspectives.

Music lovers who are familiar with Andrew's Radio shows and slots the way he only chooses to play unknown music acts. This has created a stir and he has become bombarded with new music from great musicians all looking to make a break.

Andrew is also the owner of a music producer magazine and an online music producer recource platform.

Signature HandBuilt Combinator units by Andrew Skelton for Reason


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A mixed Media interview with Andrew

He talks about his various personalities & pseudonyms

Recorded in 2012 in the comfort of his home, Andrew goes into detail about a number of things he has been asked lately!

Brief Bio

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Products for Producers


Andrew has released his latest pack for Native instruments Massive.

MASSIVE ABUSE contains 4100 top notch patches for all genres of electronic production.

Backed up by the sonic power of the massive synthesiser, this pack is a must have for serious producers



March 2014 seen the much awaited release of Rob Papen's BLUE II Synthesiser.

It comes factory fitted with a soundbank specially designed by Andrew Skelton



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Andrew writes, performs and records many different styles / genres of music. A lot of Andrews work ends up in

T.v / film or advertising so it can not be freely played here.  Likewise several of his pseudonyms are bound by record clauses.  A selection of music is available here by Andrew that is freely available to strem! ..Enjoy

Down Tempo Work / Instrumentals


Andrew has been writing instrumental music since he was a young teenager and has writen & continues to write and release music under several pseudonyms including


  • Sandman

  • HelterSkelton

  • The Piano Path Project


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Andrew Skelton - Singer Songwriter


Andrew discovered at a young age that he could play most instruments without tuition. After many different spells in bands he decided to try doing it all. Singing and playing all the instuments. In 2009 he released 'Decade' an album of songs written over a ten year period, The track 'Song to my Son' taken from that album was the one track that really grabbed hold of people. It was this song that seen Andrew join the fight for Fathers rights in Ireland, his home country. And in 2011 the much acclaimed 'Hypnotize me' E.P was released.

The single 'Joanne'

was released on

Warner Music.

Bass & Dubstep Worx


Andrew has been remixing and writing original dubstep material for the past few years under the name ' The New Illuminati'. The E.P 'MAX' named after one of his son's is named so because Max's personality suits the music down to the ground. A pleasant tornado of sorts.


Andy Black enlarge

CREATURE - DnB / Glitch


One of Andrew' well known pseudonyms is 'Creature'. This act has roots in glitch DnB & electronica.

In 2010 Creature released his debut album 'Noise Manipulation' and in 2011 the second album 'Ear Food'. Both sold well and to this day remains one of Andrews most appreciated works.

Creature Ear food cover lrg Creature Large hhffuu

Various Electronic Acts.


Andrew writes and releases music in a number of electronic genres. Trance / Tech House & progressive to name a few.  Here is a brief selection of tracks.


  • Dj Skelly

  • Silverback

  • Jefferson 'O

Robert Duffy & Andrew Skelton




Part of the forthcoming album

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