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WIRE is simply laid out, yet a complex and beautiful instrument, specially designed for Reason. We used two differing, yet highly expensive pianos during the process but the instrument is not just all about the "piano sound" you get from any piano. Take a look at the interface and you will see the level of control over elements you have when designing the piano that is right for your track.


Product details

WIRE takes advantage of several things that help you achieve your sound. You can sculpt any of the mechanics to suit your needs while also taking advantage of adding some unique flavor using elements like the metal hitting, Artefact, Harmonics, Hammers, and the raw reality of what the microphones capture. This is all in your control. There are two pianos,


1 Personal Piano

2 Concert Piano


With each piano you can use the piano envelope and the piano EQ separate to the the envelope and EQ that the rest of the instrument uses. You can isolate noise or frequency using the the Isolator EQ on the overall sound, or choose between linear or convolution reverb for an amazingly beautiful final sound. With 6 velocity layers running, you can adjust how deep reason processes the layers, again all with the intention of giving you full control. We also carried over the dsp & quality control feature from our other rack extensions.


There is also added a custom piano on the user interface with fully interacts with every move you make on your MIDI keys.


Wire was built to be different. But to experience what we mean, you actually need to play it for yourself to feel its beauty.

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